VIVACE Treatment

Vivace treatment is a collagen induction therapy using microneedles and fractional radio frequency.

Fractional microneedle RF (radio frequency) treatment is one of the most modern, minimally invasive methods of skin rejuvenation available today, through which we can experience skin +tightening on the treated surfaces, which are mostly face, neck and décolleté.

Vivace treatment includes three effects of facial rejuvenation methods:

1. Wound healing process:

Microneedles penetrating into the skin from the treatment head cause tiny, micro damage to connective tissue fibers, which as a result begin intensive regeneration and regeneration, making the skin smoother, wrinkle-free and more elastic.

2. Collagen induction therapy:

This is triggered by the effect of radio frequency, which works precisely in the deeper layers of the skin, where it promotes the production of collagen and elastic fibers, which promote skin firmness.

3. Light therapy:

Red LED pulses activate skin cells, increasing collagen production, moisture content of the skin, and improving skin tone and texture. The blue LED light improves the condition of acne-prone skin.

Another very great advantage of microneedling radio frequency treatment is that injuries caused by spikes temporarily open the so-called barrier function of the skin, which is useful because we can introduce a large amount of medical cosmologically pure active ingredients into the skin, with which we can strengthen the skin's renewal processes

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    Why do we recommend VIVACE treatment?

    1. Skin appears firmer, younger, wrinkle-free, fresher & more uniform!

    This is due to the production of collagen triggered by the treatment.

    2. Vivace treatment renews skin from the inside in a self-cleansing way!

    This is initiated by the wound healing process by microneedles.

    3. Vivace treatment is versatile because it is also suitable

    • to correct acne scars
    • to contract large pores
    • to improve uneven skin surface and texture
    • also to improve pigment spots!

    Spectacular and long-lasting results painlessly!

    Microneedling treatment on the area anesthetized by the cream does not cause pain, only small bites can be felt by our guests. And the results speak for themselves!

    Vivace kezelés Budapest

    Who is it recommended for?

    Vivace microneedle radio frequency is recommended for everyone who loves naturalness, wants to take advantage of its own self-healing mechanisms for skin renewal,

    • For those who do not tolerate needle sticking well, who want a permanent and natural skin rejuvenation, Vivace microneedle facials are an excellent treatment.

    • It is also excellent for men, as it does not feminize the face, does not interfere with their mimicry, or changes their face shape.

    Things to do before the treatment:

    • Sun-bathing and solarium using is not recommended in the last 10 days before the treatment!
    •  The use of sunscreen is recommended in the last 10 days before the treatment!

    On which parts of the body can Vivace treatment be used?

    • This treatment can be used on any part of our body to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, remove scars and stretch marks, and improve the condition of acne-prone skin.
    • It is mostly used on the face, neck and decolletage, but it can also be used on other parts in case of acne scars and stretch marks.

    How is Vivace treatment performed?

    We recommend facial cleansing treatment before the Vivace treatment, as the first step, through it is not a part of Vivace treatment. This facial treatment could be performed with help of different technologies, and our beauty therapist can help in choosing the right one for you!

    Vivace treatment consists of the following steps:

    • application of the anesthetic cream, 20-25 mins for coming into effect,
    • disinfection of the treated area,
    • microneedle, fractional RF treatment itself, we throroughly proceed through the area.
      At this stage within short period of time it is possible to deliver special skin rejuvenating ingredients into deeper skin layer (dermis), otherwise it is possible to do
      it with injection only.
    • calming of treated zone with calming mask, rich in active ingredients.

    Things to do after Vivace treatment:

    • Only agreed with us creams can be used for 24 hours after the treatment.
    • The face must only be touched with clean hands!
    • The use of sunscreen is strongly recommended!
    • The UV radiation should also be avoided for 2 weeks!
    • You should not take a sauna or engage in sweaty sport for 5 days after the treatment!

    What can you expect during the recovery period ?

    • Skin redness might appear within 2-5 hours after the procedure, which will gradually disapper. In case of sensitive skin the redness might last for more time.
    • After the treatment , you might experience swelling on top of redness and feeling of tight skin.

    Home skin care:

    In the first 2 days, you should moisturize your skin with the cream we recommended, up to 3-4 times a day , and this is what your skin needs as much as possible. This extra nourishing further increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

    What result can be expected after Vivace treatment?

    The visible result will be seen approximately 1 month later or after repeated treatments. For lasting results, 3-4 suitable courses are recommended, a break of 3-4 weeks should pass between each treatment, and then one maintenance treatment per year is recommended.

    After 4 weeks of Vivace treatment, a fresh, youthful, homogeneous, compact, firm skin is formed in the treatment area.

    The skin becomes full of life, metabolism and blood supply improve!

    People are different, but your body’s production of collagen and elastic fibres increases in the six months after Vivace treatment, which improves skin quality.

    For the effect of treatment to remain effective in the long term, it is important to maintain the body through a correct diet, regular sports and the use of appropriate cosmetics.


    Vivace kezelés Budapest
    Vivace kezelés Budapest
    Vivace kezelés Budapest
    Vivace kezelés Budapest