Personalized Nutrition Counseling

The consultation takes approx. 1.5 hours, and it requires that our client arrives with a 2-3 day nutrition diary, from which we can see what is done right and what needs to be changed.

Absolute honesty is the most important thing when creating a diary because otherwise, it is impossible to help. The diary should ideally include the exact amount and time of meals and water consumption too.

During the consultation we will discuss the following topics:

  • Lifestyle change in an easy way
  • Health-conscious shopping tips
  • Kitchen technology
  • Efficient use of dietary supplements
  • Sustainable change

The next step in our service would be to prepare a personalized diet, which can requested at an additional fee.

Creating a personalized diet:

The process begins with an in-person consultation, also requiring a 2-3 day nutrition diary.

In addition, a complex questionnaire will need to be completed to help us developing food combinations appropriate to your metabolic type and health status.

The program includes a 1-month dietary recommendation, the necessary kitchen technology recommendation, shopping tips, and dietary supplement recommendations.

Our consultant, a Ms. Olympia bodybuilder, is a committed believer of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. On top of her expertise in diet, she is also a sports nutrition and dietary supplement consultant.

Her aim is to inspire everyone through her personal story to never give up on one’s dreams, have self-trust, rely on intuitions, and consistently go on the path to one’s dreams. A lot of health problems can be reversed or at least sustained with an appropriate lifestyle and diet, resulting in much better life quality.